Functional Threshold Pace

Athlede uses Functional Threshold Pace to customize your workout plan according to your current fitness level. We believe that being able to train consistently and sticking to the plan is the key to not only becoming a better runner, but also a smarter runner.

What is FTP?

The FTP is the maximal running pace an individual can sustain for an effort of approximately 45 – 60 min in duration. What is the significance of the FTP you might ask? FTP enables further calculations regarding TSS and performance modeling relative to the individual’s fitness level. This is critical because, for optimal training and performance, pace based training metrics need to be expressed relative to a given athlete’s own ability, not the ability of some Olympic or professional athlete, or the athlete’s training partner, etc.

Our workout plan has been carefully tailored to focus on the one thing that matters. Getting you RESULTS. You will find a workout plan that has two training variables constantly tweaked to ensure that you get a challenging yet manageable workout:  1. Speed 2. Volume.

Speed workouts include 6 x 400 m intervals and 4 x 800 m intervals run with 1: 1/2 and 1:1 rest in between. These should be done at a Zone 5c and Zone 5b pacing based on your FTP level. You can use our Athlede app to find out your threshold pace. Building up your tolerance to sustaining a faster pace for an extended distance is crucial to attain faster and better timings. 

Volume workout will comprise of easy runs at longer distances based on your current capacity. This is to build up on your muscular endurance for longer runs. You should be running at a comfortable pace where you can still talk, but not too slow that you don't feel the run challenging. 

These workouts are intentionally built to help you train around your Anaerobic and Aerobic Threshold levels. Thereby improving your ability to sustain a more intense workout for a longer period of time.

Everyone starts at different fitness levels, and no two workout plans are alike. That is what makes our training plan stand out from the rest.

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